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What we do
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Who we are
The Volunteer group "DoMrii" is a voluntary association of caring Ukrainians, which aims to help the heroes of the Armed Forces and the Troops, to promote the victory of Ukraine, and in the long run to find ways to rebuild it.

During peacetime, we were dreaming, and planning our future. But after 24th February we are living in a new reality, war reality. Now, all of us have only one dream - victory. 

Nowadays we write a new history, we grouped to become stronger and help the Armed Forces and the Troops to fight for Ukraine’s freedom. 

Our children's best and most valuable gifts are freedom and a bright future.


Charity project Fearless

Within the framework of the DoMrii volunteer group, the Fearless project was created, which is creasted to meet the needs of individual units.

The main goal of the project is to make the donations personalized and transparent.

Fearless keeps in direct contact with the army (platoons, divisions, battalions, etc.), receiving information firsthand. Thus, we can provides help to those units that need it right now.


What we do
Who do we help

We provide logistical support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and law enforcement agencies in hot spots. We provide targeted and large-scale delivery of aid according to requests.

What we help
Purchase and delivery to the frontline of military ammunition, protective equipment, communications, and food.
Humanitarian aid to the victims in the de-occupied territories.
Assistance to medical institutions in providing medicines.
What we done

In a few months, we already have 100+ volunteers in different countries of the world. We have established the purchase and delivery of the necessary means to the military directly to the front line in the shortest possible time.

We process more than 20 applications per week and send about 20 boxes of humanitarian aid. 

The Foundation has transparent financial reporting. Each donation and purchase can be tracked in real-time.


Already collected
As of 20.05.2024
$159 045
To victory!
What is done
1 324
Tactical equipment units
2 643
Units of military ammunition
16 903
Boxes of medical supplies
Units of vehicles
15 619
Units of household items
50 800
A kilogram of humanitarian aid
Directions of work

Provision of military elements of equipment. Namely: helmets, body armor, tactical goggles and gloves, military clothing, etc.

Provision of military elements of equipment. Namely: helmets, body armor, tactical goggles and gloves, military clothing, etc.

Providing the military with individual medical protective equipment and first-aid kits of the IFAK level.

Military in hot spots is constantly in need of off-road vehicles for greater mobility and combat missions. Often the equipment comes under fire and breaks down, so the demand for vehicles is constantly growing.

We provide IDPs and victims of hostilities with essential medicines and medicines for people with chronic diseases.

Providing civilians in de-occupied regions with basic necessities, food and medicines.

January-February report 2024

Provided to the Armed Forces in Donetsk and Luhansk regions for UAH 2,162,554.

October-November report 2023

We sent 17 tons of humanitarian aid to the frontline cities of the Donetsk region. The value of the aid was almost 6 million UAH.

August report 2023

UAH 621 087 was collected.

July report 2023

UAH 250 000 was collected.

Our team
In total, VG "DO MRII" has about 100 volunteers who perform various functions in different countries (Ukraine, Romania, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, etc.).